Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan

Alan Jackson
JGL Livestock

Vice President:
Tyler Cronkhite
Cowtown Livestock Exchange

Past President:
Stewart Stone
Heartland Livestock Sales


Blair Brooks
Meadow Lake Stockyards Ltd.

Scott Johnstone
Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd.    

Roy Rutledge
Weyburn Livestock Auction

Pat Tellier
Saskatoon Livestock Sales Ltd.

John Williamson
Mankota Stockmen’s Weigh Co. Ltd.

Executive Director:
Adele Buettner
AgriBiz Communications Corp.

Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
"Promoting competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock"

Videos - Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff

The ‘Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff’ manual and DVD enable employees to learn about safety and humane handling. Both are easy to follow and understand.

This educational package provides an overview for new employees, especially those unfamiliar with handling cattle in an auction market or assembly yard setting, and serves as a refresher for experienced workers.

LMS members receive one copy of the made-in-Saskatchewan manual and DVD as a membership benefit. Copies may be ordered for $79.95 plus GST, shipping and handling by calling 306.933.4404.

Basics of Safe, Humane Handling

Gate Safety

Sale Day

Loading for Shipment - Careers in the cattle sector
Learn about safe and humane handling
Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff

Low Stress Cattle Handling

CFIA Regulatory Information