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Tyler Cronkhite
Cowtown Livestock Exchange

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Stewart Stone
Heartland Livestock Sales


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Meadow Lake Stockyards Ltd.

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Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd.    

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Weyburn Livestock Auction

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Mankota Stockmen’s Weigh Co. Ltd.

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Adele Buettner
AgriBiz Communications Corp.

Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
"Promoting competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock"

2016 Manitoba/Saskatchewan Auctioneers Championship Winners

May 4, 2016

Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc, in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, proudly hosted the 2016 Manitoba/Saskatchewan Auctioneers Championship on April 30, 2016. The annual event is presented by the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan (LMS), in conjunction with the Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association (MLMA).

The fast-talking skills competition, which alternates between the two provinces, attracts auctioneers, order buyers, market operators and cattlemen from across the prairies. This year ten participants, five from Manitoba and five from Saskatchewan, threw their hats in the ring for the chance to win a championship belt buckle and a paid trip to Brussels, Ontario in May to take part in the Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Championship.

There was 600 head of cattle on offer and the prices were strong. Kolton McIntosh, of Heartland Livestock in Virden Manitoba, took home the championship prizes and was also honored with a Rookie of the Year plaque from the Wright family of Manitoba, in memory of Bob Wright. Second place was awarded to Kim Crandall of Ste. Rose Auction Mart in Ste. Rose Du Lac, MB, and Cowtown Livestock's own Tyler Cronkhite came in third. Also representing Cowtown Livestock, Brent Weiss was awarded fourth place, and Rick Wright, of Heartland Order Buying Co, took home fifth.

"Being that it was the first time for Cowtown to host this event, there was nothing but compliments from everyone who attended," stated manager and participant Tyler Cronkhite. "We honoured Jim Wilson by him selling a few black box items. He is one of the owners hear at Cowtown Livestock Exchange and has been selling for 56 years. Jim is 82 years old this year and had a standing ovation from the crowd and competitors."

The competition was very well attended and, with a lot of support from the community and other buyers. About 250 people came out to witness the excitement. The location of next year's championship competition is yet to be determined so be on the lookout for the opening bid.

For more information, contact:

Tyler Cronkhite
Cowtown Livestock Exchange

LMS promotes competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock by: establishing collaborative relations with industry partners; developing educational activities for members; and adhering to sound business practices and responsible animal welfare at members' auction markets. Saskatchewan has the second largest cow herd in Canada. Over 90 percent of the cattle marketed in Saskatchewan are sold through members of the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan.

This year’s top sponsors are:

BMO Bank of Montreal   Cattle Creek Ranching Ltd.

CHAT 94.5     Cowtown Livestock Exchange

Cypress Motors


Foothills Livestock Co-op   


Ivomec   Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association

Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Co.    MNP

Roberge Transport   

Saskatoon Livestock Sales   ThermoSink Livestock Waterer

Town of Maple Creek   Whitewood Livestock

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