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Licencing Information Guide

This Information Guide is provided to LMS members for reference purposes and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Licence Requirements and Licensee Responsibilities 

The Livestock Dealer Regulations, 1995 (the Regulations) set out the criteria for licensing requirements. A Livestock Dealer licence is required by any person who buys or sells livestock or who offers to buy or sell livestock in Saskatchewan, on his or her own account or on account of some other person, whether he or she buys directly from producers or from others having livestock for sale, regardless of the use to which the livestock is to be put. Licensing exemptions within the Regulations pertain to any person who operates a farm or ranch and who purchases or sells livestock solely in connection with that operation if that person retains title of each head of livestock purchased for at least 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Those wishing to obtain a livestock dealer licence must submit a completed license application form along with a statutory declaration indicating the number of livestock intended to be purchased within a twelve-month period, the applicant must also obtain a livestock dealer's bond as prescribed by the Regulations

Applicants may submit the completed application form, statutory declaration, livestock dealer bond and prescribed fee to:

Livestock Services of Saskatchewan
2160 Victoria Avenue East
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 7B9

For information with respect to obtaining a livestock dealer licence, please direct your inquiries to the Brand Registrar:

Phone: (306) 546-5086
Fax: (306) 546-1277

A list of licensed Saskatchewan livestock dealers can be found on the Livestock Services of Saskatchewan Corporation website, if you require assistance or additional information you may contact the Brand Registrar:

Phone: (306) 546-5086
Fax: (306) 546-1277

Note: It is a requirement for every licensee to ensure that his or her licence is displayed at all times in a conspicuous place in his or her business premises.

A licensee shall:
(a) have in his or her possession at all reasonable times a valid official identification card in the form issued by the department and signed by the minister; and
(b) produce the card mentioned in clause (a) when requested to do so by an inspector or person with whom he or she is doing business.

A Licensee shall:

  • Ensure that livestock weights are determined on weigh scales approved pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act (Canada).

  • Transport or assign livestock for transportation upon receipt of a Livestock Permit.

  • Notify an inspector prior to purchasing livestock from a farm or ranch.

  • Ensure that livestock is only offered for sale in the name of the owner of the livestock.

  • Ensure that when livestock are sold, the surname, commonly used given name and initial or initials, or computerized identification number of the purchaser, is placed on the scale ticket or other serial-numbered document.

  • Ensure that every scale ticket or other serial-numbered document matches the livestock invoiced or sold and that the true weight of the livestock is stated at the time of the sale.

A Licensee may:

  • Use code names on scale tickets or other serial-numbered documents where the livestock dealer’s surname or the first letters of the surname are a part of the code name

  • Offer livestock for resale in the name of the livestock dealer after completing a Livestock Manifest and meeting all the requirements that apply to a contributor who offers livestock for public sale.

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