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In the Community

The Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan (LMS) has undertaken a number of projects over the past decade with the goal of educating our members, promoting the safe handling of livestock and encouraging interest careers in the livestock sector. In addition to our projects and member outreach initiative, we work to build relationships with others in the provincial livestock industry, monitor legislative issues and maintain regular communication with representatives of the government, academia and industry. We work to improve the climate of business for our members and have hosted numerous workshops to help accomplish this. 

LMS developed a training manual, Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Center Staff, and corresponding flash drive which are unique to Canada. These tools are used to educate entry level livestock handlers on appropriate animal handling techniques in an auction market setting, enhancing both animal and handler safety. 

Manual Cover.PNG

LMS has developed a strong relationship with the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources and, over the years, LMS members have provided lectures and invited faculty members to visit auction markets. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 in recent years,  Past President, Alan Jackson, recorded a video lecture on the principles of buying and selling cattle for the U of S students. It is noteworthy that the organization could adapt to continue to provide this much-appreciated support. The video is posted on YouTube and has had hundreds of views.

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